STEM Activities to Keep Kids Busy While at Home

Because of the Coronavirus, most kids are at home and will be for at least 6 weeks, with almost nothing to do besides sit in front of a screen. And since this situation was caused by last minute decisions, they may be without schoolwork or anything remotely productive. We’ve compiled a list of some winter break-friendly STEM activities to keep children semi occupied while at home.


  1. Build a Vortex Cannon

Using everyday household items (minus the balloon) create an air cannon right from your kitchen. There are a few updates to this design so this can turn into a tiered project that allows kids to explore improvement in their designs!


  1. Christmas Light Color Mixing

This creative project allows children to integrate STEM and STEAM, which is often an underrated skill. If you have a Christmas tree, this project can add some color to your holiday!


  1. Why is the sky blue?

Finally, a project for kids and parents. Unless you double as a science teacher, many don’t know the answer to this question. Follow the steps in this DIY science project and find out the answer to one of life’s biggest mysteries. Don’t be afraid to enter this in their school science fair when you’re done.


  1. Magnetic testing

When you’re winding up holiday break, and you feel like you can’t use another glue stick – print out one 

of these magnetic recording sheets. Have children test objects in the home and find out what is magnetic and what is not. They can come to you with their findings at the end, and maybe you can sneak a nap in in the meantime.


  1. Grow the Grinch’s Heart

After a trip to the movies to see The Grinch, (or a seat on the couch to catch it on Netflix) take this time to piggyback off their excitement with this fun STEM chemistry activity. It’s a simple baking soda and vinegar science experiment, but with the Grinch on your side it can be so much more.