Changing the Face of Coding

Coding has made its way to the forefront of education, and it’s our job to make sure nobody falls behind. While coding may seem like a new venture, that is mainly attributed to the “faces of coding.” Coding should be inclusive of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. And all should be provided access to accessible coding curriculum.


We scoured the web for sites designed to celebrate women who code, and were elated to find so many others who support that cause. Made With Code is an amazing site geared toward women and girls who code and work in the field of technology. It is a great place to find inspiration, motivation, and mentorship.


“Currently, in the U.S., only 12 percent of computer science graduates are women and only 1 in 5 programmers are female.” It is important for us to take the time to create inclusive learning spaces that will assist in the increase of these numbers.


How can we change the face of coding?


Erase it. Create a new face. Help make names like Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician, just as common as Albert Einstein. Creating relatable role models for young girls is one of the easiest ways to generate excitement about a male-driven career path. The narrative has been built, but it can just as easily be knocked down.


What next?


Just like any other “boring” school subject, it’s imperative to make learning fun. and a plethora of other parenting blogs have several ways to make STEM and enjoyable learning experience. Take the time to get involved with the learning process in more exciting ways.


One way to turn STEM into a fun learning opportunity is through apps and games. has several collections of games, interactive books, and apps, all designed to inclusively teach children in entertaining ways.


Join the fun!

While STEM may be a semi-archaic concept, coding has not always been part of elementary learning. It’s common for many adults to feel out the loop when it comes to making code. In order to help teach, you’ll have to learn yourself. Check out some websites that help teach beginners coding, or point you in the direction of free classes just to get you acquainted with the basics.


Teaching young girls to code is important. Letting them know that they can enter a male-dominated workforce is empowering, helpful, and imperative.