6 Gifts for Teachers Going Through Back-to-School Panic

It’s back to school season, which means parents are rejoicing but our teachers are frantic as they prepare to spend their days with dozens of young children. The job of an educator is so unique that it’s a task coming up with career-specific gifts. As the underpaid and overworked percentage of America, teachers deserve well thought out gifts as they embark on a new school year. Check out our list of ways to make their transition back to work more smooth:


  1. Personalized supplies

Image result for monogram pencils

We’re not sure just how many pencils and pens a teacher lends out in a year, but we’re sure it’s close to 

4,738 (Just a rough estimate). With a number that high, one would think teachers were in constant supply of all your office needs. Unfortunately, the ratio of lending to returning is astronomically low. Teachers give and give and rarely see their beloved pencils and pens returned. It is our hope that supplies engraved with names or initials will discourage students from keeping them forever. This is a mere hope, however.




  1. Oversized bags

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One thing about educators is that they’re always bogged down with stuff. From books and planners to 

coffee mugs and lunch food, they usually have a copious collection of miscellaneous objects. A bag with

several pockets and compartments will be a tremendous help to teachers who are burdened with carrying 14 things in one trip to the classroom. 


  1. Classroom gadgets


We don’t know if you’ve ever owned a label maker, but they usually wind up being way more fun than intended. They’re super helpful for educators and are the perfect gadget for any classroom. Look into laminators and other fun, but practical, tools for school.


  1. Caffeine. In any capacity.


Image result for starbucksWhether you splurge on a new Keurig machine for their house, or surprise your favorite teacher with a Starbucks gift card, caffeine is one way to a teacher’s heart.




  1. Relaxation methods


Sure, candles are one of the most cliché of gifts, but candles and incense are great ways to promote relaxation and meditation after a long day with 23 nine year olds. Look into hot stones, electric massagers, or even a gift certificate to a spa. The gift of relaxation is unmatched.

  1. Cleaning supplies

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We know every teacher puts this on their back-to-school list, but somehow by January everything has been long gone and teachers are forced to come out of their pockets to buy disinfectant wipes during flu season. Help an educator out and purchase a super pack of Clorox wipes. 







Keep these ideas in mind for your children’s teachers and even the friends you have who work in the school system. The thought could not only brighten their day but have a positive effect on their classroom and students.