Why It’s Important To Introduce Diversity Through Children’s Books

When it comes down to it, our adolescent years are basically designed to prepare us for adulthood. From birth, we are being trained to maneuver without the help of our parents – whether it’s walking, potty training, or washing the dishes. Everything is a lesson for “the real world.”

Therefore, teaching should be more than just a simply educational tactic. Take the time to allow children to explore their world through technology and books. Reading is a great way to introduce the 

world to your child. Find out how diversity through books is important for children:


By showing children characters that represent different cultures and races, we create a positive representation for themselves and their peers. In 2017, research shows that only 25 percent of books had significant characters of color. There’s an obvious gap and lack of representation. For those who are raising children, it’s important for them to see characters who look either like them or their friends in the stories they read.


Seeing someone who looks like you slaying dragons in a fairy tale, or solving mysteries as a detective in 

a crime story, can easily make reading more exciting. The typical story features a lack of world representation, which equates to a lack of connection. Relatability is a huge part of all media. Whether it’s in TV/movies, or bedtime stories, people tend to enjoy it more when they can connect with the characters in some way. For example, a young Asian girl will most likely be excited to read a story about a warrior from Japan. Diversity in stories can easily motivate children to be interested in reading.




Introducing your child to characters they can look up to is important. They need to see diversity in their leaders, just as it is in the real world. Exposing them to a world with a plethora of different cultures in high places is great for breaking stereotypes for all children. It gives many children a point of reference 

that they otherwise may not have. For those who don’t grow up around modern day superheroes, stories can feature many different types of role models.

Diversity is important in children’s books. Diversity provides a realistic view of the world around us. Exposing children to different cultures through books is important for teaching children to be globally 

connected citizens, which is needed for their future success, and should be a priority in any home.