The Reality of Technology In Children’s Lives

It’s no secret, technology has swiftly crept up and taken over the world. We can’t live without it -our smartphones, our fancy headphones, our streaming services, and our multilingual electronic personal assistants. However, some of us can remember the days when we had without. In an effort to tug at the strings of nostalgia, some of us might recall a time when a phone call and the internet couldn’t coexist – a seemingly simpler time.

Now, children today not only rely on the existence of technology, but they know nothing else. They are so encompassed with electronics and screens, anything else is a foreign land to them. How can we help them to understand there is more out there?

Weaning. Yes, like a bottle.

Slowly, get your child to a point where they can feel comfortable without using a screen. Begin to eliminate screen time and type little by little each day. Try limiting it to a few hours a day, until you can all decide on a “screen-free” day. Mom Loves Best offers a great screen time guide for monitoring and recognizing your child’s limits. 

Offer Alternatives

Steer clear of taking away technology without attempting to put something in it’s place. Whether it’s board games, time outside, or time spent simply chatting with family, try to give them something that could be deemed equally as fun. Taking away the PlayStation and replacing it with workbooks might seem like a good idea in the long run, but it’ll definitely create unnecessary tension. You want them to enjoy their time without screens, not resent it. There are several ways to create cut-backs in technology, some of which can be found here.

Recognize it’s Pros

It seems easy to bash technology when it comes to the livelihood of our next generation. However, we cannot ignore the fact that technology and screens are a necessity to virtually everyone. Even when creating limits, teach your children the joys and positives of technology. Whether it’s teaching them to code, or explaining just how much of a help technology and “robots” can be.

As promoters of STEM, we want to create a balance between healthy screen time and face to face interaction. It is important to be able to decipher the difference between idle time with technology and productivity. Utilize technology and teach children about all that it can do without creating a dependency.