Introducing Robots to Young Children

Robotic culture has earned a detailed aesthetic showcasing artificial intelligence and rebellion. Through cinematic creation, science fiction, and other alternate universes, we have seen a plethora of robotic adventures that end in turmoil. As adults, many of us know this is a negative connotation and, on a positive note, robots help us tremendously every day. 

For children, the word “robot” is associated with images from movies like I, Robot and Transformers. While this would add quite a bit of excitement to our daily lives, we know that robots come in many mundane shapes and sizes.


Here are some ways to introduce children to robotics:


Robots are everywhere


First thing’s first: explain just how common robotics are. From light switches to hands-free vacuums, these machines have infiltrated our homes and made themselves part of our families. Find some everyday robots that are apart of your child’s everyday routine to shake that idea that robots all resemble Optimus Prime.


Ways to teach


  • Library – Take your child to the public library! You can check out books about robots or browse the internet. Many libraries have workshops and classes designed to teach kids about electronics, or courses for adults to learn the best ways to teach their children at home.
  • Workshops – Check with their school about after school clubs and teams that will get them excited about electronics and technology.
  • Online resources – Sites like and were created to show kids how to build their own machines and better understand the inner working of robotics and technology.


Robot Fun


Fortunately, there are many educational toys and apps that teach kids all about robotics. littleBits and Rasberry Pi show kids ways to better understand technology. Zyrobotics has newly introduced Robot Play, a book that will educate kids about the many ways robots are important in our daily lives, and just how much fun they can be!