Teaching Kids to Cut Back On Technology

In honor of National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, we thought it best to take a step outside our technologically savvy bubble of comfort and look into the best ways to prepare the next generation for the possibility of a nationwide power outage. Seriously, do kids even know how to survive with technology anymore? On this glorious day of dialing back on dial up, let’s explore the ways to both learn and teach about how to survive and maintain without the luxury of electricity. 



Quick, what are four phone numbers you use on a daily basis. (I’ll be honest, I drew a complete blank.) How can we even manage to communicate with one another without the convenience of our smart phones? Are landlines even a thing anymore? Let’s start with making children learn all their emergency contacts. Things happen, it’s best to be prepared. As invasive as it may seem to children, there was once a time where showing up without calling or texting first was completely normal.



Without using Google, how many recipes do you know? Is your house stocked with a few cookbooks? Practice reading recipes from cookbooks and creating meals from scratch and slight imagination.



We all love a rousing game of 8-ball via iMessage games, but have you seen the new renditions of Uno? Do children born after the 90’s even know how to play “Go Fish,” or is that a thing of the past? Weather permitting, engage in a few rounds of “Mother, May I” rather than listening to them cyber bully some child halfway across the world during their Call of Duty game. Ride a bike, pick up some board games from a nearby thrift store; there’s plenty to do without plugging anything in.



All jokes aside, how does one research without a search engine anymore? Is the Dewey Decimal System still prevalent? Take your children to a library, force them to learn something without typing it into a url bar. (You might have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they aren’t sneaking onto Safari on their phones.) Teach them to use encyclopedias, atlases, even a globe. These things seem elementary to us, but with the convenience of Google there’s no need for them anymore. The library can be fun, especially when it’s a new place for them.


Teaching kids to survive without technology can be an enjoyable project, and also a wake up call for parents as well. I’ll admit, my Uber app is a necessity so technology is a luxury I too, rely on. Make this a project for the whole family. Once a month, cut back on technology and just recharge – no pun intended.