How to Get Kids Excited About STEM


With the cold weather hitting us in the face with every step, staying indoors is everyone’s best bet these days. This means providing indoor activities for little ones. Of course, sitting them in front of the TV or even a workbook is the simplest option, but what about taking this time to get them excited about STEM! It is imperative to take advantage of the formative years in your child’s life. There are numerous innovative ways to get kids on board with science, technology, engineering, and math.


While this may seem like a strenuous task, it can be fun for both parents and children! Fortunately, elementary-aged children are naturally inquisitive so getting them interested in a new topic isn’t incredibly taxing.

1. Incorporate STEM in daily activities

Whether it’s cooking or grocery shopping, there are several ways to assimilate STEM within everyday tasks. Research experiments that require cooking and spend some time in the kitchen. Take the time to utilize money handling by teaching your child about math.

2. Engage

STEM is best understood through engagement and hands on activities, rather than workbooks and solitary learning. Enforce activities that force them to create, mold, build, and interact with various materials. Creation and building are major components of STEM, and should be consistently exercised.

3. Nature!

Because of the “technology” aspect of STEM, many don’t think it is inclusive of nature and outdoors. Spark your child’s interest and curiosity by introducing them to the natural things in life. Bugs and dirt may not excite you, but allowing them to understand STEM using nature will prove beneficial.