Easy Ways to Introduce Math Into Your Child’s Life

Introducing math into your child’s life can be a difficult task. Unlike reading, it needs to be introduced in various ways and will most likely require more effort on your part. Reading and writing are skills that a child typically sees as relevant to their everyday activities. Math, on the other hand, needs to be elegantly placed into your kid’s mental rolodex on a daily basis in order for them to grasp that it’s just as important as regular reading.  

While workbooks and daily math problems will work just fine, incorporating math into your everyday activities is the best way to not only make math fun, but transforms it into a normalcy rather than a difficult task to overcome.

Check out these nifty tips for bringing math into your child’s life!

Count household objects together – Find some use for that change at the bottom of your purse and align them in a row for your child to count out. After they count it in a line, place it in a new shape and count it again!

Board Games – Encourage your child to play board games that include dice and counting spaces. Monopoly may be a bit complex, but Candy Land is perfect. Family Game Night should be just as educational as it is fun.

Shape Identification – Before bed, find shapes around their room and ask them to ID them. Make sure they understand simple characteristics about shapes, i.e. a circle is round, a triangle has 3 sides, etc.

Bake a Cake – Use measuring instruments to bake, teaching counting and measurement. They can begin to learn fractions while counting out scoops of flour.

Tackle any opportunity to teach your child basic math skills, whether it’s counting or geometry. There are possibilities around every corner for you and your child to create a solid foundation of math skills.