Back-to-School Shopping Made Easy

Summer camp is winding down, nights are coming sooner, and bedtimes are making a dreaded reappearance. That’s right, summer is over and school is coming back! It’s time to get all your ducks in a row and make sure the kids are ready to take their first steps into the Fall.

Everybody knows the typical back-to-school essentials: wide ruled loose leaf paper, number 2 pencils, binders – you get the drift. What about the school supplies that will make your kids feel special? Nobody wants to walk into their first day of school feeling like a clone. Check out these essentials that will make your child’s return to the classroom both exciting and educational.

  1. Funky Backpack

Head over to your child’s favorite store and pick up something colorful and bright. The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of fun! Make their backpack personal and exciting – even let them pick it out and choose their favorite color. Justice has a huge selection of fun book bags, this one can be personalized to match your child’s first initial. Starting off the school year with a fun bag will make the first day so much easier. (We can’t make any promises for the second and third day though.)

  1. Lunch Goodies

Spare your child the monotony of a traditional turkey and cheese sandwich and do something to make them look forward to lunchtime. Whether it’s something they can dunk or DIY, don’t let the creativity stop with art class. Check Pinterest for cool lunch ideas that will make your kids excited to open their lunch boxes at noon. Not to mention – Make sure you pack their lunch in anything other than a plain paper bag while you’re at it. Try purchasing a stack of brown lunch bags and letting your child doll it up. They can have something different everyday of the week!

  1. After School Projects

Don’t let your child’s learning stay within the confines of a classroom. Keep their minds going even after the bell rings. There are plenty of educational toys for your kids to stay entertained with while also learning a thing or too. StemStoriez – The Name Game offers an interactive app that comes personalized with your child’s name. It teaches reading and all about jungle animals!

The Name Game is a personalized gift that combines a picture book with an electronic book to engage children in interactive STEM. It has unique e-book settings that create a personal experience for every child. Its accessibility options make STEM learning accessible for children with differing needs. The interactive app can be found on both iOS and Android devices.

Preparation makes perfect, so the best way to create an unforgettable first day of school is with proper planning!