Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy During Your Summer Road Trip

Summer road trips are not only a tradition, they’re a necessity. Whether you’re taking the kids to Disney World or your in-laws house in the country, kids will expect the entertainment to ensue the second their seat belt clicks. How do you keep your eyes on the road (or the GPS, depending on your front seat duties) while making sure the kids are at least somewhat content?


For every two hours you plan to be on the road, pack a snack. (What is it about being in a car for several hours that creates an incessant need for something to nibble on?) If you’re the healthy type, this is the best way to monitor your children’s intake of healthy foods. If you’re not too worried about calories and/or dairy, a bag of pre-packed chips is much more convenient and cost-effective than stopping at fast food restaurants every few hours.


If you’re not the family with the ultra-equipped super minivan that has 4 TVs and state-of-the-art Blu-ray players complete with a pet monkey that can sing your favorite song, never fear. There are several handheld games and devices that are designed to keep your kids more than satisfied for hours on end. Here are just a few:

  • Caspar Babypants Music Time!
    • For ages 1-2, this music-filled game will keep your child’s attention with an initial download of 16 various songs that the whole family can enjoy
  • ZyroMath City Count
    • Summer vacation may mean a break from studies, but if you can sneak in some brain games then why not? City Count allows kids to have fun while learning numbers and counting.
  • Dr. Panda Mailman
    • This winner of a Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award allows kids to explore to their heart’s content through various ecosystems while delivering mail as a friendly panda. Sounds enticing, right?
  • Fun on the Farm
    • This two-player game is ideal for families with multiple children. It allows two players on the same device, and the difficulty level can range from toddlers to your older children as well.


As any good parent knows, patience is not just a key, it’s a virtue. If you’re up for it, leave later in the night to ensure some quiet time while the children are asleep. Keep a clear mind and find your own unique answer to the dreaded “Are we there yet?”