Creator of Live Braille: Inspired by Steve Jobs, his vision is to be ‘leader in enabling technology for physically disabled’

On his bucket list of innovations, it’s the Iron Man’s suit that features on the top, for the simple reason that it is an extreme enabler, something that Abhinav S Verma gives immense importance to.

Innovator and entrepreneur, all that 21-year-old Verma has ever worked on are ways to make the world a better place, using technology that is disruptive, empowering and enabling, just like the Iron Man suit. Be it battery-less keyboards and bells to now a pathbreaking technology for the visually impaired, Verma’s vision is to create something that makes one feel extraordinary the minute they use it, especially those who suffer from a disability.

It’s the ‘age of transformers’, and Verma is clearly inspired by the ‘super humans’ of Marvel Comics and mindboggling technological feats. One can sense his child-like curiosity, optimism and passion as he shares his dream and vision.

“There is a reason I have named my company EmbroS. It comes from Embro Sapiens, the next generation of
human beings engineered to do anything, despite and in spite of their disabilities,” says an ambitious Verma, constantly looking for pain points and their solutions.

He found one with the visually impaired and created Live Braille (, a dream he has been chasing with persistent passion for two years now. Live Braille, he claims, is for the next generation of the visually impaired, so that they can run, walk, climb stairs, all hands free.

It also comes as no surprise that this multi-award winning product was recognised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Indian Science Congress 2015.

There were roadblocks, but Verma managed to convince his reluctant folks, take short leave from his course (mechanical engineering at Chitkara) and nosedive into this project. Today, they have users in Delhi and the USA and are working on tie-ups in the region.

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