Connected Wheel Chair from AT&T

At CTIA in Las Vegas, AT&T and Permobil are showing concept solution that wirelessly connects wheelchairs to increase user independence and freedom. The connected wheelchair concept uses AT&T’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology so that the chair can be monitored for comfort, performance, maintenance requirements and location.

The solution, developed and tested at the AT&T Foundry for IoT innovation, allows users to access data that impacts their everyday life. The data, that can be remotely accessed in the highly secure cloud and shared with caregivers, fleet technicians and clinicians, can be used to improve the users’ health.

The device monitors most key aspects of the wheelchair including:

– Seating Position and Cushion Pressure: Users will know if their ROH* seat cushion pressure is out of range which can lead to life-threatening pressure ulcers. The solution complements Permobil’s Virtual Seating Coach, an app and cloud service that presents seating system information and tracks if users are following recommended seat function regimens.

– Battery Level and Predictive Maintenance Requirements: Manufacturers/Dealers will know when a chair needs to be serviced by remotely accessing error codes. This enables single-trip service visits.

– GPS Location and Fleet Management: Manufacturers/Dealers can quickly and efficiently schedule demos and appointments. Caregivers gain greater peace of mind.

“The connected wheelchair is a great example of how the AT&T Foundry can quickly collaborate with a customer on a proof of concept to bring connectivity and intelligence to a new range of devices,” said Mike Troiano, Vice President AT&T Industrial IoT Solutions. “We’re using innovative technology to solve real-world problems and, in this case, potentially improve quality of life.”

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