Finally: An Activity Tracker for Wheelchair Users

The market has been flooded in the past year with all sorts of different activity trackers for fitness buffs. But Chaotic Moon Studios has just announced they are testing a prototype for a different kind of activity tracker. It’s called Freewheel, and it is designed for people in wheelchairs.

Tyler Hively, a content strategist at Chaotic Moon Studios, uses a wheelchair. Chaotic Moon was working on a separate activity tracker-related project when it occurred to Hively that there was no equivalent for people who use wheelchairs.

Hively brought the problem to Chaotic Moon Studios’ BASE team, which is the company’s in-house research and development hub.

“A couple weeks later BASE came back to me with a working prototype and an app and I was basically just showing it to everyone that I know,” said Hively.

BASE created a small device that attaches to wheelchairs without interfering with the user’s movements or the wheelchair’s function. That device collects different types of data including incline, decline, acceleration and speed. That information is then transferred via Bluetooth to the user’s smartwatch or mobile app, and can be used for fitness purposes, according to Chaotic Moon Studios.

“At the end of the day, the purpose of technology is not just to solve business problems, but also personal problems,” said Ben Lamm, CEO of Chaotic Moon Studios. “We are excited about Freewheel because it’s an interesting use of convergent technologies, has a data crowdsourcing element, and can scale. But the fact that it has the potential to make a life-changing impact on millions of people’s lives is really important.”

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