OctoMinus Review by The iMums

OctoMinus is the latest switch-accessible app from Zyrobotics that allows children of all motor abilities to play arcade-style subtraction games. Like their earlier OctoPlus, OctoMinus is also designed to be fully customizable so that every child can experience success while playing and learning single-digit subtraction facts.

There are 2 modes of play in the app – Drill and Challenge. Each mode comes with a choice of 3 different skill levels – Beginner, Advanced or Expert. The objective of the gameplay in both Drill and Challenge is the same. A subtraction question appears at the top of the screen and the child has to use the octopus to shoot ink at the turtles to earn points.

While there are many arcade-styled subtraction apps in the app store, I want to highlight a few features in OctoMinus that you won’t find in most (if not all) of the other apps.

Firstly, instead of grouping the subtraction facts by the subtrahend (the number that is to be subtracted) in the learning mode (Drill) which is the typical approach, OctoMinus presents the facts by the subtraction difference (minuend – subtrahend = difference). For example, if you choose Drill 1, you will see all the subtraction equations that give you the answer ’1′ e.g. such as 5-4 = ?, 10-9 = ? etc.

Secondly, To shoot ink, the child just needs to touch anywhere on the screen or use an external switch (connected through a Bluetooth switch). This makes it easy for children with motor difficulties or cognitive delays to play the games. As they gain more confidence and better skill, they can proceed to higher skill levels and adults can further fine-tune the difficulty level by adjusting the speed of the turtles and octopus in the Settings.

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