Nine-year-old builds his own computer

Nine-year-old computer whizz kid Harrison Maddock was not satisfied just learning how to program a computer, he decided to build his own PC.

Harrison, who is a pupil at St Margaret’s Preparatory School, Calne, was encouraged to take his learning to a new level by Head of Computing Mike Callahan. He said: “Harrison has always shown an interest in the technological side of computers and after liaising with our Junior Technician, Louie Archer, the three of us came up with the idea of designing and building a top spec PC.

“Harrison is one of a number of pupils on our Gifted and Talented programme for Computing. I wanted to encourage him to take more responsibility for his own learning through an individual learning activity. He had to research what components were needed as well as source them and price them. It was like Christmas Day when the components arrived.

“It took Harrison over a month to build the PC and although at times he was guided by me and Mr Archer, it is essentially his own work.

“It was a very special moment the day it was all set up, configured and switched on. What is just as pleasing is the knock on effect it has had on other pupils as Harrison presented his project to the whole school in an assembly.”

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