Robotic Cat for Dementia Patients Breathes, Purrs and Meows

JustoCat is a robotic therapy cat developed for people with dementia and mental disabilities. It was created thanks to a collaboration between robotics researchers and healthcare researchers at Mälardalen University in Sweden.

JustoCat was designed with the assumption that many individuals have memories of spending time with cats, so they linked this to the ‘reminiscence method’, using memories from the past. It has been developed and tested in consultation with patients and professional caregivers in Swedish dementia care, where it demonstrated positive results such as calming down outacting dementia patients and improving quality of life.

Functioning just like a live cat, it breathes, purrs and meows. It is the same size and weight as an average cat and is interactive. The robotic cat’s fur is machine washable and removable to ensure it meets hygiene requirements in institutions. JustoCat can provide peace, be soothing and work as a tool for increased interaction and communication, complementing the care of people with dementia or intellectual disabilities.

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