Samsung Designs Wearable Stroke-Detecting Device

Samsung has developed a prototype of a wearable device that can track brainwaves and alert the user of the very earliest signs of an impending stroke. The device is designed to be compatible with mobile devices and is capable of analyzing a number of neurological health markers.

Samsung is calling the early prototype of the device the Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package (EDSAP), and the project has been in development for the past two years, reports CNET Magazine.

The EDSAP comprises two elements. The first component is a headset made from a flexible, rubber-like material that is fitted with sensors. Those sensors are capable of measuring brainwaves using an advanced algorithm. The algorithm is based on stroke patient brainwave data and a range of artificial intelligence software.

For the second component, the Samsung engineers and software specialists designed a mobile app that can analyze the data in under a minute.

Existing brainwave scanners require fifteen minutes or more to take a reading and often require a saline solution to be rubbed through the hair. EDSAP, by comparison, is much quicker and more user-friendly. Engineers speculate that the material is suitable for a number of wearable versions. In theory, the technology could be integrated into eyeglasses or hairpins rather than a headset.

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