Teachers Surveyed on Using Digital Games in Class: What is the Biggest Barrier?

A recent survey by the Gamesandlearning.org a project run by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop had some very dismal statistics when it came to the barriers teachers feel when implementing digital games in their classrooms. Teachers with Apps has been trying to raise awareness for the need for schools to embrace technology and get students ready for the future. In September of this year TWA posted a blog titled, 8 Reasons why the implementation of tech in schools is so slow, which echoes much of what this survey reveals. Although we didn’t site time specifically on our list, it topped their survey with 45% of teachers considering it the biggest barrier to getting tech into the classroom. The exacerbated emphasis of standardized test scores certainly eats into the already limited time factor and obstructs the implementation of tech. In my mind this unethical assessment of both teachers and students, which is being done by an external contractor who develops test prep materials, the actual assessments and handles the scoring, is ludicrous!

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