Cutting-Edge Robotic Rehab Equipment Unveiled at Cardinal Hill

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky is now the second rehab facility in the country to offer the G-EO technology.

The cutting-edge technology is helping patients such as three-year-old Dalton Baker to try to start walking again without crutches.

Dalton was in a car crash and suffered a spinal cord injury. The G-EO is helping him get his feeling back below his knees.

Dalton and his family travel from London, Kentucky to use it.

“It’s really encouraging that there is equipment out there. We are getting more technology. With a spinal cord injury, we don’t know a lot about them so something that can retrain the brain and help him we are all for it,” said Courtney Deaton, Dalton’s mom.

The G-EO is a robotic walker training system that helps patients with various physical disabilities and traumatic injuries regain movement and strength.

Dr. Lumy Sawaki, Director of Research at Cardinal Hill, was integral in bringing the G-EO to Cardinal Hill. “It is important to identify which technologies are most efficient and effective to help patients regain as much function, as quickly as possible. The improvements that we have seen in patient outcomes who have used the G-EO have been enormous. We see benefits beyond gait, including cognition and increased social interaction,” said Sawaki.

With daily advances in healthcare and technology, Cardinal Hill is committed to remaining a leader in physical rehabilitation. The addition of the G-EO System to our existing cutting edge technology allows Cardinal Hill to continue providing an advanced level of rehabilitative therapy to our patients of all ages and sizes,” said Gary Payne, Cardinal Hill President/CEO.

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