Western NY Student Asks Disney for Disabled Character

So Burgandi, who has spina bifida, went to work this past weekend. She created an online petition to the Walt Disney Company on the Change.org website. The last line reads this way “So Disney, I’m wishing upon a star. Please create a Disney Princess with a disability and let children with disabilities experience the magic.”

She has had the idea since she was a young girl, and says other young children notice as well.

“Whether it’s different skin color, whether it’s you know, they’re thin, they’re bigger, or whether it’s all of these characters can walk and I can’t, and so it’s always been a thought in the back of my mind, that Disney doesn’t really have a strong character who’s disabled,” Burgandi said.

Advocates for the disabled are definitely on board, as they know this can help with acceptance and understanding for children. That includes those who are not disabled as well. Rhonda Frederick is the CEO and President of People INC which is also a service agency for the disabled.

“Litlle girls look for dolls that look like themselves and wouldn’t this be wonderful to have a princess like this, in a wheelchair or some other kind of disability,” Frederick said.

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